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Consultancy Services

At the core of Epicor is an agile business architecture designed to give you the flexibility to adapt to the varying requirements of different countries, industries, and devices. Epicor fulfills the demand for immediate access to business information, delivering rapid time to value, and driving greater collaboration through real-time access. With Epicor ERP, you have the platform to ensure you stay ahead in a fast-changing world.

Our Epicor experts helps organization to solve issues, create value, maximize growth & improve business performance. Whether its Manufacturing, Distribution, Hospitality, Construction and variety of industries. This can also be extended by integrating to warehouse management, Ecommerce’s , CRM and many more using a single ERP platform.

Our experts are equipped with the right skills & provide you expert assistance through a wide range of services like

1) ERP Assessment
2) Implementation, Upgrade, Migration
3) Customizations & Integration
4) Data Quality and Conversions
5) Reporting & Dashboards (CXO dashboards, analytics by business dimensions)
6) End-User Training
7) Go-Live Support
8) Day-to-Day Support (Maintenance and Operations)