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FastClose is a reporting solution with a built-in understanding of the structure of your ERP out of the box; it installs and can be delivering value against your own data in under 40 minutes. With different tools for different types of user, FastClose also integrates with both Excel and Power BI. Boasting an interface geared towards users, typically accountants, who know what they need but may not know their way around the ERP database, it allows them to design and build complex reports to their exacting needs, without help from IT.



The creators of reporting content within FastClose, they publish their work to other report designers and consumers using FastClose Designer. Reports could be statutory or management accounts, inventories of stock levels, analyses of aged debt or sales margins and much more.The design features below show you just how far you can go with a FastClose report.

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Users who wish to focus on what their reports are telling them, without the distraction of a design focussed interface use FastClose Reader. With access to the reports and data they can shift focus by adjusting filters exposed by the designer to change department, year or any dimension. With predesigned links, they can drill to related reports, following the number trail.

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This group, usually made up of both Designers and Consumers, are users of the FastClose Excel Add-In. This allows a user to log into FastClose direct within Microsoft Excel, open multiple reports, adjust filters and pull data, formatted as in FastClose Designer. With the data in Excel users can use it to create and drive models that answer “What If?” scenarios based on live data.

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Designers who want to leverage FastClose’s native understanding of the database structure can use it to simplify the extraction of a dataset and push it out using FastClose Scheduler to analytic tools such as Power BI to create dashboards and provide analytics to users across their business.

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1) Quick, Accurate runtime reporting: Design feature gives you the flexibility to format, captions, hierarchies, calculations, bucketing, and many more options to slice and dice your data.

2) Module wise In-built template: This gives you the flexibility to use a built-in template as it is or create your own template and reuse whenever you want. Save your time and effort to build a report.

3) End-user can design and publish their own report – Yes, FastClose is a reporting solution designed by focusing on end-user.

4) Accelerate month & year-end close process – hassle-free month closing and apparently year closing with reduced time on your financial statements.